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Monday, August 18 2014:  One month ago today we arrived home from our mission.  It has been such a busy month, with relatives here and a fun weekend with all our kids in Logan that we have hardly had time to settle into our cabin in McCall.  We finally gave our homecoming talks in sacrament meeting just yesterday.  It was a good meeting and although we are glad to have that behind us our talks went well and we had some nice compliments concerning the missionary experiences we shared.  After sacrament meeting we come back to the cabin and served lunch to our children, grandchildren, friends and relatives who came to hear us speak.  There was not enough time remaining for all the stories I wanted to share so after lunch we sat around and answered questions and told more stories.  Win has already received a calling in the ward as the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency and was hired today as a new first grade school teacher at the elementary school here in McCall.  She is so excited and has her own classroom to set up and organize.  We feel very blessed.  The parents of some of the missionaries in Bekescsaba have been kind enough to forward the weekly emails from their missionary to us so we can stay up to date on the progress of investigators and what is going on in the branch.  We also heard that the portable baptismal font finally arrived and hopefully will be installed soon.  What a great blessing that will be for the branch.  Each day we get a little more acclimated to being home and continually realize how fortunate we are and how much stuff we have that really isn’t necessary.  Our children were watched over while we away, our home remained secure and safe and our friends say the time went by quickly.  Some days it seems like we were only gone a short time and yet it will always be a  significant part of our lives and we will never be the same for it.  We miss the Elders and Sisters, the members, the investigators, our friends and our YSA group in Szeged.  We love them.  We think about and pray for them all.  Maybe someday we will return, we shall see.   In the MTC it was said, “you will always be somebody’s missionary, even if it’s yourself.” How true that statement is.  I loved my mission and am so grateful for the fulfillment of a life long desire to serve and a promise from my patriarchal blessing.  A special thanks to Win for her willingness to stand along side and serve so faithfully.  We know the Gospel of Jesus Chris is true and that it has been restored in these latter days.  May we all strive to follow the example of our Savior and endure to the end.


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