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Sunday, June 30 2013:  We had “dress rehearsal” for our choir number at 8:30 this morning.  Our director had us do voice warm up scale runs in Hungarian.   It is all I can do to keep from laughing.  Branch Conference was at 10:00 and our number went really well.  I have to admit that when the ladies and the men joined together I had a few tears in my eyes.  There were 17 investigators at church so that was a pretty impressive effort, especially with our Mission President there to speak.  It was the usual group at Beke but we are hoping and praying for an increase in activity there. Win taught the YW class to one young lady.  The Relief Society President gave a nice lesson to two sisters, three Elders and myself.  It was chapter 11 from the Teachings of Lorenzo Snow.  I love the statement, “when we seek God’s will, we follow a course in which there will be no failure”.

We got home about 7:00 PM and Win was fixing some eggs and toast when we got a Skype call from Rhet and Erica and the girls.  They said they had an early anniversary surprise for us.  Gillian told us her mommy was going to have a baby!  We  are so excited for them.  This is truly another blessing we are receiving from being here in Hungary.  However, Win is never going to let me forget that she will not be there for all the excitement.  This means a new grandchild in September from Reese & Lacy, Erica and Rhet are due in late December and maybe another from Whitney and Rocky if an adoption comes through.  Wow, maybe we should extend our mission.

Wildlife sightings:  1 pheasant, 7 rabbits, 8 storks, 1 fox.


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Saturday, June 29 2013:  At 8:00 we picked up Geza and then went with he and the Elders do some service work and “collect” cherries.  We went to the same lady’s house where we removed the stump and did some yard work several few weeks back.  The Elders and Gaza did more yard work for her and Win and I picked cherries from a huge tree that was loaded.  She had waited too long however and most of the cherries were bad but we got a couple of good buckets full.  When we finished picking what we could I helped the Elders dig the stump hole deeper for a new tree she wanted planted in the same spot.  Win and I left at 9:30 to go clean the church and after that we came home and cleaned the apartment.  We tried to take a nap this afternoon but that’s almost impossible when our washing machine is going.  We went to McDonald’s for our Saturday “beef” date and then to choir practice at 6:30.  The choir leader of the Adventist Church is our director for this special number tomorrow.  He has been meeting with the Elders and we asked him to help us.

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Friday, June 28 2013:  Last week it was announced that the four Elders in Bekescsaba are now their own District.  So, we met with them in there first District meeting at 10:30 this morning.  We all took a few minutes to introduce ourselves and get acquainted.  As part of our introduction, we were to each choose any sporting event, in the past or future, we would like to attend if given the opportunity.  Win said the Winter Olympic Games for figure skating and I said the Summer Olympic track and field events.  As a group we set some new goals and had a good training discussion from PRG on helping others make commitments.  The Elders are really going to focus on finding and converting male members and families for the Branch.   We all agreed we would fast together for his effort on the first Sunday in July.  On the way home we stopped at one of hundreds of Sun Flower fields we pass along the way.  They have begun to bloom and together with the corn and grain fields it makes for a beautiful drive.  At 6:30 we went to the church for YSA activity which consisted of a spiritual thought and then treats before choir practice at 7:00.  Earlier today Win made up a fresh fruit plate and drop cake donuts for the group.  We are singing the EFY medley on Sunday and the group really sounds good.  I don’t know all the words but I can hum real loud and lip-sink.

Wildlife sightings:  2 pheasants, 1 rabbit, 5 cranes, 5 storks.

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Thursday, June 27 2013:  We were up early and standing in line at LIDL (German grocery store) at 7:00 AM because they had advertized “Amerika” foods for sale which included marshmallows.  We were number 26 and 27 in line and there were 11 people behind us when the doors opened.  Most people were rushing for other things so we had no trouble picking up 10 bags of marshmallows.  Other stores don’t carry them and only this store once in a while.  Now we have enough Rice Krispies and marshmallows for the rest of our mission.  The YSA group think Rice Krispie treats are as good as ranch dressing.  We will use some of the marshmallows to make s’mores at a planned activity.  At noon we had another program with the Elders and  Mr. C.  He said he has been reading the Book of Mormon and it is very good.  The lesson focused on how the Holy Ghost can help to know what is true.  He was wearing the pants and shoes the missionaries gave him.  Another program is scheduled with him on Saturday.  At 6:00 we headed over the the church for Institute class.  Win skipped class and got some sewing done and I sat in on part of a program with the Sisters.  At 8:00 the Institute class and us missionaries met in the chapel for choir practice.  We are scrambling to put together a special musical number for Branch Conference on Sunday.  Win made zucchini muffins for treats, which no one had ever tasted before.

Memorial to soldiers

Memorial statue to soldiers

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Wednesday, June 26 2013:  Walked for a little more than a hour in the cooler weather.  Win spent most of the morning preparing for sewing class.  After lunch we went to the grocery store and a new one-stop department store that recently opened.  We were going to a program with the Elders at 3:00 but it got canceled.  Win had made some cookies to take with us to the program so instead, I walked across the street and gave them to Attila.  He is our friendly neighbor who loves 60’s music and always tells me “good luck” when he sees us leaving.  That is about the extent of his English except he knows the names of many of the 60’s musical groups and some of the song words.  At 5:00 we went to the church for sewing class.  There were six ladies who came including the two Sister missionaries and one investigator.  So, thanks again to Lola for the fabric which was used today in our missionary efforts.  After class, Win walked home and I stayed for Branch Presidency meeting and PEC.

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Tuesday, June 25 2013: We walked in a light rain this morning which felt good because of the drop in temperature.  Win made french toast for breakfast when we got back.  We studied some and then at noon met the Elders at the church for a program with Mr. C.  Mr. C approached the Elders on the street last week and said he wanted to know the truth.  They said, ok come to church on Sunday and we will give you a Book of Mormon.  They were surprised when he showed up Sunday but he seemed to enjoy the meeting.  They gave him the book and set up a program for today.  We all thought he was a homeless person but it turns out he lives with some relatives but has been down on his luck for about 7 years now.  He also speaks English fairly well.  We had a good discussion with him about the restoration and he read some from the scriptures by using a single lens from a broken pair of glasses he pulled from his shirt pocket.  The Elders brought some slacks, a white shirt, shoes and tie for him.  I contributed a razor and Win gave him her reading glasses.  Before he left the church, he shaved but would not let us cut his hair.  He was very appreciative of the gifts and agreed to another appointment on Thursday.

At 4:30, we picked up the Sisters and drove to a program they had scheduled with a mother and two of her three daughters.  When we got there I realized I could not park in that area of town so I left Win and the Sisters there and came back to the apartment.  The mail had come and I got two letters!  They were Fathers Day cards and pictures from Whitney, Rocky, Rex, Maddie and Rance.  What a great surprise that was.  Thank you so much.  About 45 minutes later the Sisters called and I went to get them.  Win said the program went well and they invited the family to attend church this Sunday.  We dropped the Sisters off and came home for some dinner.

At 7:30 we went to the apartment of the Primary President for a surprise birthday party for her son.  There was quite a crowd there including the Elders, Sisters, some of the YSA and family.  This has been a busy day.

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Monday, June 24 2013:  Win went with me for a short walk.  Then I went down the street for some bread and bananas.  While Win started preparing tonight’s dinner, I got cleaned up and went to get a hair cut.  The menu tonight is Hawaiian Haystack with all the toppings, rice and bread.  The dessert is chocolate chip cereal cookies.  This afternoon, the weather changed and there was a constant thunder over the city for the longest time and then the rain and hail came down in buckets.  The rain filled up our street and flowed over the curbs which are only about 3 inches high.  The hail was the size of pennies (see picture below).  Also included is a picture of the old fire brigade headquarters (1898) which is now the ambulance station.  The station is just about 3 blocks west of our apartment.  We got word this morning of the announcement, from the Worldwide Leadership Meeting, that missionaries will eventually be allowed to use the internet in proselyting efforts.  That will be an interesting development to follow as it is rolled out.  A big thanks to Sherry Zobell in McCall for the nice gift package that came today.  Win will make good use of the cake mixes and ranch dressing packets.  Just 5 at FHE and everyone was gone by 8:30.  They are such a busy group and always rushing to catch a bus or tram.

Quote from the Mission Office Assistants email:  “You must be the change you want to see in the world”  – Mahatma Gandhi

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